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I am an advocate/consultant for Taxi fleet owners as they continue to move toward alternative fuel transportation. Further, we want to help taxi fleet owners who are seeking to convert their older cabs vehicles for CNG Taxicabs,. via grants & incentive outlets.Before this can be most effectively implemented, we realize that a CNG Fueling Infrastructure needs to be more publicly visible. What EXACTLY do we want?SoCaL Green Taxi Program is reaching out to you as a strategic partner as we gain momentum to develop and bring to market new CNG taxi cabs & a more visible (CNG) fueling infrastructure. We educate and motivate Taxi fleet owners to convert to CNG TAXI CABS; In addition, we are an authorized agent for Galileo, Inc. working to develop & attach CNG Compressor/Dispensers to existing fueling stations.    ****************************************************************************************************  Who are We?  SoCaL Green Taxi Program; We are advocates to help promote each City's Transportation Sustainability Agenda to reduce GHGs from Taxi Cab fleets. More importantly, we are advocates to help Taxi fleet owners & drivers increase revenue by significantly reducing their fuel expense by 50% or more by converting to alternative fuel CNG. In addition, we have an call maintenance support team via our partners at (Fleet Advocates). We believe that in order to successfully carry out this agenda, 1st the CNG fueling station Infrastructure must be committed; we have partnered with Galileo, Inc. to bring in CNG Dispensers/Compressors that can be added to any existing fuel station.  As a critical component to our business, the management of supplier relations efforts is viewed as strategic and not solely tactical or administrative. We are committed to productive relationships and at our foundation, we are committed to ensuring that those we are working with understand our uncompromising standards and expectations.   Tony Jackson | Coordinator & Founder Roadside Solutions / SoCaL Green Taxi ProgramSustainable Fleets, moving forward. Primary E-Mail: TJackson@capublictransins.comLinkedIn: Page: LIKE US - SoCaL Green Taxi Program

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